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Imagine a world... which over 90% of all mental health Sufferers recover in days

The Only Provider of Solution Focused, Evidence Based Psycho-Educational Recovery

Imagine a school... which no child suffers from anxiety, obsessions, low mood panic or phobias & staff are equipped to recognise & deal with it before it 'takes hold'.

Parents can confidentially liaise with teachers and head teachers reassured in the knowledge that the school is using TLM to address the disorder and support the child through to recovery.

Uniquely,: We identify the predisposition to suffering, allowing us to prevent suffering.

Imagine a company... which stress and anxiety don't effect staff or the bottom line & in which all staff are accessing their full potential and maximising their physical and intellectual output

Reduce: absenteeism, healthcare costs, injuries, related litigation.
Increase: presenteeism, morale, staff loyalty.

Employers can immediately embed or link to our Recovery Portal within their wellbeing and benefits sites and Employee Assistance Programmes.

Employers can reward and motivate their team with free access to our Recovery Portal.

Imagine a university... which emotional health issues do not effect learning or results & young people enjoy all the benefits of emotional balance

"My place of learning:

...has a free, confidential, in-house TLM recovery counselling service where I can have day one access to professionally qualified counsellors and recovery experts.

...has a Students Union partnership with TLM to provide day-one access to curative resources and support for all students.

... gives me online access to a portal that helps me understand my condition, my symptoms and thoughts and speak to real people about what support and solutions are available. All provided free of charge by my uni."

Imagine healthcare...

...that provides curative outcomes in patients, saves money, maximises budgets & enables practitioners

I can walk straight into my local pharmacy and ask for access to the TLM recovery services as an alternative to medicines and pills.

I can purchase access to the TLM recovery portal and materials direct on my pharmacy's website.

I can talk to a trained Recovery Therapist through my online doctor.

My insurance company referred me to the TLM Recovery with no wait times and immediate access to the resources and unlimited support.

My local hospital A&E department has recommended TLM to me and my GP.

Imagine armed forces... which PTSD and disorders of the emotions are eradicated & those predisposed do the right jobs within the military

Members of the UK armed forces are TWICE as likely to develop mental health conditions than members of the general working population.

The ministry of defence take the mental health and wellbeing of personnel very seriously.

Personnel can now access the TLM recovery resources and qualified support wherever they are and whenever they need it.

Imagine emergency services...

...with no unnecessary callouts & equipped to truly help anxious people to achieve full recovery

Known nationally as 'the 6th Emergency Service'.

All emergency operatives are trained in Anxiety Recovery and First Aid and are equipped to truly help sufferers.

All sufferers know that IF they need to call for help, they will receive appropriate, helpful support.

Imagine releasing all
Intellectual potential...

... by erasing emotional suffering in all people of all ages - repurposing their intellectual & physical resources

Our clients experience a fast and compelling emotional 'buy-in' as they experience immediate relief leading to recovery, dramatic reductions in their physical symptoms, obsessions and compulsions... a dramatic departure from the relentless anxiety and 'management' of the disorder.

Imagine a world...

... in which all people have appropriate emotional responses &
are unhindered by emotional imbalance

That world is a world in which people can operate at full capacity, enjoying life, facing challenges with emotional stability and strength. That world is occupied by tens of thousands of our ex clients who are now happy, calm and fulfilled.


If it's day-one access to evidence based recovery instructions and resources plus seamless, unlimited, professional support... you're in the right place.

The World's First, Only & Leading Provider of Corporate
& Direct Mental Health Recovery Solutions

Without Mental Health, There is No Health

Without first removing DISORDER, people, healthcare and all workplaces will completely waste every other resource they invest into physical and mental wellness

The only guarantee of a mentally healthy home or work environment results from providing all people with simple, structured, evidence based recovery solutions and professional support that can be accessed remotely at any time.

Mental health first-aid (which we also provide services and training for), in-house wellbeing resources... in fact any CPD provided, will fail unless *people are first shown how to recover from their disorders and provided with a correct and complete understanding of the science of wellbeing; and that's what we do.
Since 1997 we have been providing the most effective recovery focused solutions which return our clients to full mental and physical potential, fast.

We provide the very highest level of instruction and professional support in online, workshop and residential formats with day one and seamless support access.
We were the first organisation to provide professional mental health support and services online. We provide the world's only professional level training in awareness, education and recovery practice.

*All people have systemic imbalance, some leading to recognised disorder. Most go undiagnosed and cope with, what they perceive to be, unavoidable 'aches, pains and thoughts'. It is all avoidable.
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In 1997, created the first online, email and phone counselling service in the world and created the first anxiety recovery therapy in the world. Our mission is simple - To rid the world of all conditions of the emotions.
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