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Partnering To Change Lives

Partnering with us means bringing true recovery and wellbeing to your team

Over 30% of your team are affected by negative emotions, anxiety, stress and low mood

Over 70% of mental ill health is sourced in emotional imbalance. Let's just assume that 100% curative efficacy of all emotional imbalance is scientifically possible - what would that mean to your organisation?

That's exactly what we offer... a commercially workable solution that delivers true relief without affecting funding or reputation.

What Does Partnership Do?

Becoming an LTE accredited partner means accessing the training, resources and qualified support to return your team to calm, happy, fulfilled and focused people who are fully accessing and using their mental and physical attributes, realising their potential and maximising their output.
Benefits to the user...

100% success rate - Over 19 years practice showing millions of people how to erase stress, anxiety & depression and future-proof themselves against suffering ever again - Simple, scientific and accredited

Restoration of emotional and physiological balance - By restoration, we mean that this process returns the user to and resets, their preset levels of emotional and physiological wellness; we refer to this as 're-setting the birth preset'.

Recovery resources - Recovery resources for stress, anxiety, emotional disequilibrium, panic, confidence, agoraphobia, obsessive thoughts and behaviours, low-mood and depression... and more

Recovery for people of all ages - Regardless of time suffered, age or severity of symptomsImmediate anonymous access - Packed with useful tools for an enhanced life experience and fulfilment, no one will know what you are accessing or why

Qualified support & guidance - Our team will provide you direct support and guidance about any aspect of your stress, anxiety or depression

Easy to use programmes and resources - Developed over two decades, our unique resources will reassure, educate and lead to recovery

Webinars and events - Our webinars and videos are easy to follow and packed full of simple-to-implement and beneficial adviceAccess via our mobile app - You will be given access to specific 'first-aid' devices on your mobile device (If you wish to)

Benefits to the provider...

Fulfils your moral and legal duty of care - Your team will get access to all of the recommended stress, anxiety, life coaching and wellbeing resources they could ever need

Reduces costs and chance of litigation - Costs associated with absenteeism, recovery therapies, hiring temporary staff, potential litigation are mitigated using THE MODULE in your workplace

Qualified support & guidance - Your team will receive unlimited, accessible, anonymous guidance from our team of qualified mental health and recovery professionals

Happier, more productive team members - Constant advice leading to a happier, more productive workforce

Maximise productivity, focus and potential - This scientifically resets emotional equilibrium and refocuses the mind. It promotes systemic balance and creates people who feel incentivised by their own sense of wellbeing.

Immediate access - No wait times, no appointment times, no deadlines.... a 'stay-in-work' policy meaning less absenteeism and speedier recoveries

Savings - No other resource is available, anywhere in the world, that provides this quantity and quality of accredited resources and support on an unlimited basis with seamlessness of service and this level of curative outcome

Used in corporates, education, healthcare, the forces etc. - Wherever people are, stress, anxiety and emotional issues are too. We can help people of any age regardless of the catalyst for their issues, time suffered or intensity

Of course the overiding benefit is the release of potential, happiness & fulfilment for your team member

Patrick Bell - Business Development Director

I am responsible for the business development of our group of companies, including, Linden Tree Education Limited, Anxiety Recovery Retreat Ltd and Charles Linden Media Ltd.

Charles Linden, is an ex anxiety sufferer who developed 'The Linden Method', the first and only accredited anxiety recovery therapy, which has helped in excess of 200,000 sufferers worldwide. We deliver the therapy in a variety of formats from online and printed versions including our guided self help programme, 4 day Retreat programmes and one day Workshops.
More recently, we have launched Linden Anxiety Recovery (LAR) Coaching which trains learners to become accredited one on one Coaches. The distance learning course has been accredited by the NCFE at Level 4 Diploma.

Contact me for more information about our services, courses or programmes.
+44(0)1562 742004

What do people say about the courses?

Recovery is complete removal of all of the physical and mental manifestations of a condition, including permanent removal of the cause of the condition. (NOT the catalyst but the predisposition to suffering).

Our clients recover IF they DO as instructed. `Compliance is king, but unlike other interventions, because the science of recovery is defined by human evolution, anxiety recovery is as simple and definite as eating to 'cure' hunger.
Linden Tree Education
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In 1997, created the first online, email and phone counselling service in the world and created the first anxiety recovery therapy in the world. Our mission is simple - To rid the world of all conditions of the emotions.
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