The Longest Running, Most Influential Mental Health Recovery Provision Available

Presenting SYNERGY

What is SYNERGY?

Synergy is our mobile enabled, web-app recovery, health, wellbeing and training portal providing individuals and organisations everything required to create balance and total wellbeing wherever they are.

What if providing recovery and wellbeing also resulted in releasing true, maximized intellectual and physical potential and capacity?

How would that influence your business, school or organization?


Day One Access To Recovery Guidance & Qualified Support

  • Since 1997 - Unmatched efficacy & resources.
  • The First Provider of online mental health services.
  • The highest recovery rates in the world.
  • The most complete wellbeing platform available.

The Recovery and wellbeing portal provides everything a person will need in order to return to full systemic balance - maximising every aspect of their physical and mental capacity and potential.

Why psycho-educational recovery?

It's unique in so many ways; most importantly, it explains why predisposition to 90% of mental health issues is an asset and not the curse it is often perceived as.

Step 1 of recovery - The science of the emotions and recovery from conditions of the emotions is also the science of systemic balance, endocrine response and the emotions - our programs start with explaining that science in simple-to-understand language. Learners then understand how to recover but, equally as influentially, how recovery means maximising every aspect of their physical and intellectual potential.

The result of full recovery changes and saves lives but also returns people to their authentic 'selves' - incredibly capable assets in life, at home and at work.

*Conforms to NICE guidelines and the NHS Stepped Care Model. The programs are psycho-educational and are governed by our NCFE accredited organisations. UKRLP registered. Team are all BACP and BPS. Psycho-education falls outside of psychological and psychiatric practice.

We can often implement the portal for your organisation in less than a day

Organisation Pays

We can provide 'same day' provisioning of a company-wide access license allowing all of your employees day-one support and guidance.

The portal also includes a raft of life-coaching, empowerment, confidence building, exercise, diet and life-practice resources and tools.

Individual Pays

We can provide a bespoke employee/public portal with membership options we negotiate with you, the employer. We can arrange for the portal to be hosted remotely or within your own IT network or employee portal.

We can offer staff discounts and special offers as required.
Payment models and licenses can be developed for your company's specific needs.

Your recovery and wellbeing portal can be
branded or co-branded to match your organisation's look and feel

A bespoke branded, co-branded or white-labelled product offering website

Guided Recovery From Conditions of The Emotions

Our app-based, mobile-enabled recovery, support and wellbeing portal provides direct, immediate access to recovery guidance, tools and support, from any lovation at any time.


Unique Recovery Events in Amazing Venues

Based in various locations, our residential recovery Retreats and one-day workshops are life-changing events with ongoing support and guidance.


Professional Level Accreditation

Our accredited Recovery Coaches receive a professional accreditation at NCFE level 4 in order to practice in any setting wherever they are in the world.


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