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The World's Oldest, Curatively Effective Individual & Organizational Mental Health Recovery, Wellbeing, Training & Support Provider

Solution Focused Recovery for Everyone

A Revolution in Psychology & Mental Healthcare & Recovery

"We don't deal in coping strategies, managing disorder, medicating or analysis... we provide simple, scientific, common sense solutions to all disordered emotional responses. We just get the job done."


We were the world's first professional online, email and telephone counselling service.

We developed the world's first mental health 'app' in 1997. Our mobile enabled app/web-app has provided over 350,000 people with recovery resources and support by our qualified mental health practitioners.

We are the only provider of psycho-educational recovery.

We provide recovery in one-to-one, Workshop, Residential and Corporate formats and train Anxiety Recovery Practitioners to a professional level through our CPD accredited LAR Practitioner training courses available through our online Moodle training portal.

How do the programs work?

We have helped well over 350,000 people worldwide. Our curative efficacy in our latest trials was 100%. (GAD7 18.24 to 2.84 in NHS specified testing).

The therapy works because it conforms with sciences of endocrinology,  neurology and psycho-physiology, using a simple educational approach to take people back to the emotional balance their minds are desperate to achieve and waiting for. The process is natural, common sense. 

The Practical Approach to Health & Wellbeing

The coaching format is used across education, from school classrooms to personal training, life-coaching and executive coaching. We all know and understand how action creates systemic biological change, neurological modifications, endocrine responses and interacts with every element of the human machine. It's why school 'works'.

The medical and psychological approach to mental health is through chemical intervention and 'talking' style approaches which are indirect and scientifically flawed when applied to conditions of the emotions.

We do what works - What is scientific - What is 'common sense'... What is proven.

So whether you are learning to read, drive a car, become fitter, lose weight, become a doctor, play a sport or return to emotional balance, the human body and mind provide us with only one process with which to achieve them all... the process we use to cure emotional disorders.

Our programmes all fall within NICE guidelines for the Stepped Care model and for guided self-help. Our practitioners are all members of the BACP or BPS.

The Method is the scientifically verifiable solution; the first and only recovery solution and model for emotional disorders.


NHS TESTING Curative outcome - Total recovery

Pre-programme score - GAD7 18.24
Post-programme score - GAD 2.84
Outcome - Total Recovery

We have 1000's of testimonials and case studies from clients, celebrities, medics and psychologists collected over 22 years of practice and over 350,000 ex clients.

Guided Recovery From Conditions of The Emotions

Our app-based, mobile-enabled recovery, support and wellbeing portal provides direct, immediate access to recovery guidance, tools and support, from any lovation at any time.


Unique Recovery Events in Amazing Venues

Based in various locations, our residential recovery Retreats and one-day workshops are life-changing events with ongoing support and guidance.


Professional Level Accreditation

Our accredited Recovery Coaches receive a professional accreditation at NCFE level 4 in order to practice in any setting wherever they are in the world.


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