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The World's Oldest, Most Respected and Curatively Effective Individual and Corporate Mental Health Recovery & Support Provider

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A Revolution in Psychology & Mental Healthcare

The only psycho-educational recovery provider

The first ever mental health app - Over 300,000 people helped since 1997

The first ever online, email and phone counselling service - Since 1997

Over 70% of all mental health cases suffer needlessly

Over 70% of mental ill health is sourced in emotional imbalance.

Let's just assume that 100% curative efficacy of all emotional imbalance is scientifically possible - what would that mean to people, healthcare and society?

How would it be to remove anxiety, panic, stress, phobias, obsessions and low mood completely, naturally and quickly?

The core problem is that systems exist which NEED mental ill health and when 70% plus of services and staff deal with and profit from provision of care, is a cure really what they need or want?

Commercially, no... practically, yes... morally, absolutely.

Mental healthcare is buckling under the escalating strain of caseloads. They need the cases from a commercial perspective but lack of efficacy has tipped the balance too far as new initiatives launch to redeliver flawed science and failing treatment models.

What if the commercial model remained but efficacy was improved and caseloads reduced?

Isn't that THE solution everyone needs?

That's exactly what we offer... a commercially workable solution that delivers true relief without affecting funding or reputation.

NHS TESTING Curative outcome - Total recovery

Pre-programme score - GAD7 18.24
Post-programme score - GAD 2.84
Outcome - Total Recovery

We have 1000's of testimonials and case studies from clients, celebrities, medics and psychologists collected over 22 years of practice and over 300,000 ex clients.

Some of our Ambassadors


History - Since 1997

We were the world's first professional online, email and telephone counselling service.

We developed the world's first mental health 'app'. Our mobile enabled app has provides over 250,000 people with recovery resources and support by our qualified mental health practitioners.

We are the only provider of psycho-educational recovery administered by our psychological team.

In 1997 we started our Recovery Psychology services and have since developed our programmes, organisation and delivery formats into the most respected and curatively successful anxiety disorders treatment method in the world.

We provide recovery in one-to-one, Workshop, Residential and Corporate formats and train Anxiety Recovery Practitioners to a professional level through our NCFE accredited LAR Practitioner training courses available through our online Moodle training portal.
How do the programs work?

We have helped well over 300,000 people worldwide. Our curative efficacy in our latest trials was 100%. (GAD7 18.24 to 2.84 in trials).

The science of what we do is absolute and proven time and time again, not only, by science, but also by the lives we change.

The therapy works because it conforms with sciences of neurology and psycho-physiology, using a simple educational approach to take people back to the emotional balance their minds are desperate to achieve and waiting for. The process is natural, common sense and simple and achieve 100% efficacy with compliance. No other therapy comes close in terms of recovery efficacy.

The Practical Approach to Health & Wellbeing

The coaching format is used across education, from school classrooms to personal training, life-coaching and executive coaching. We all know and understand how action creates systemic biological change, neurological modifications, endocrine responses and interacts with every element of the human machine. It's why school 'works'.

The medical and psychological approach to mental health is through chemical intervention and 'talking' style approaches which are indirect and scientifically flawed when applied to conditions of the emotions.

We do what works - What is scientific - What is 'common sense'... What is proven.

So whether you are learning to read, drive a car, become fitter, lose weight, become a doctor, play a sport or return to emotional balance, the human body and mind provide us with only one process with which to achieve them all... the process we use to cure emotional disorders.

Our programmes all fall within NICE guidelines for the Stepped Care model and for guided self-help. Our practitioners are all members of the BACP or BPS.

The Method is the scientifically verifiable solution; the first and only recovery solution and model for emotional disorders.

+44(0)1562 742004

"All fear disorders are avoidable and quickly removed. "

Charles Linden - Director's statement

I'm an ex sufferer - 22 years with chronic GAD, panic disorder, agoraphobia, OCD, eating disorders, emetophobia, monophobia and health anxiety... sounds bad doesn't it! Add to this, years of malpractice and misinformation by doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists plus mis-prescription of anti-psychotics, antidepressants, Valium and other meds and what you got was a 26 year old who no longer knew who he was, how he felt or how to change... but in three days he did. Aged 26 I switched off all of my inappropriate emotional responses and cured myself completely. How? With science.

The science that all of the above practices ignore. Now, 20 years later, our Recovery Psychology programmes carry a 100% recovery success rate and our organisation's reputation is second to none - condemned by some ill-meaning, commercially biased, professionally jealous competitors, but adored by the thousands of people we have helped. 
We are a psycho-educational organisation led by qualified psychologists and psychotherapists doing what many try, but fail, to achieve... we change lives quickly, simply and for good.

Hear what 14 year old Hollie and her mum, right, have to say about their experience with our programmes... Hollie isn't an exception, she's just one of many who wanted to share her story.

This is THE solution to all emotional health issues... help us to make LAR Therapy the first choice in all healthcare and wellbeing settings and bring it to every person of every age that needs it.

Patrick Bell - Business Development Director

I am responsible for the business development of our group of companies, including, Linden Tree Education Limited, Anxiety Recovery Retreat Ltd and Charles Linden Media Ltd.

Charles Linden, is an ex anxiety sufferer who developed 'The Linden Method', the first and only accredited anxiety recovery therapy, which has helped in excess of 300,000 sufferers worldwide. We deliver the therapy in a variety of formats from online and printed versions including our guided self help programme, 4 day Retreat programmes and one day Workshops.
More recently, we have launched Linden Anxiety Recovery (LAR) Coaching which trains learners to become accredited one on one Coaches. The distance learning course has been accredited by the NCFE at Level 4 Diploma.

Contact me for more information about our services, courses or programmes.

+44(0)1562 742004

The Educational & Recovery Resources

Online Recovery Portal - The Linden Method

Devised by an ex sufferer over 20 years ago - 100% Recovery success rate in trials and practice

Used by over 219,000 clients from around the world.

How would it be if you could access support, reassurance and guidance at any time... day or night? 

How would it be to switch off your anxiety centrally and know that you will never suffer again?

LAR Therapy, the process behind The Linden Method Home Access Program, is the world's only accredited, dedicated anxiety disorder recovery therapy. For people of all ages, TLM was devised to give sufferers what THEY need in order to recover, when THEY need it, instead of when the next therapy session comes around. Evidence Based Practice - The true test of any process is when real people provide feedback about how they feel... we have tens of thousands of such case studies from normal people from around the world.

TLM provides more to sufferers than any other anxiety treatment option, it includes unlimited support and gives clients the opportunity to feel supported, reassured and confident of rapid and lifelong relief.

Available in online and printed/CD/DVD versions - English/German/Danish/Spanish versions


Accreditation - Recovery Practitioners

NCFE Level 4 accreditation as an LAR Therapist - One accredited, therapists can work individually or in healthcare, corporate, forces, emergency services or educational settings.

This was the first ever anxiety disorders recovery practitioner accreditation. We were the first organisation in the world to offer online, email and phone counselling services and our LAR accreditation means that we can reach all sufferers wherever they are in the world and administer a 20 plus year old therapy that conforms to the sciences of neurology and psycho-physiology backed by an international reputation for producing true recovery.


Residential Recovery Events

Our residential programmes have, since 2009, provided a secure, immersive and curative experience in which clients are provided all they need in order to make a full and lasting recovery from their anxiety related conditions. All clients receive ongoing access to our support team.

The programme structure is internationally scalable and can be modified to fit in with existing mental health provisions within private, corporate or NHS healthcare.


Workshop Recovery Events

Workshops can be delivered in-house, at places of work or remotely in person or through our webinar software. As with the residential formatted programmes, clients receive ongoing support from our team, ensuring seamless consistency in their recoveries.

Workshops can be for any number of attendees up to 20 in person or 40 online.


Corporate Recovery Programmes

Companies - Education - Military - Insurance - Emergency Services

All of our programmes are ready to be implemented in-house or online.

Access levels and formats are agreed in advance and can be on a per-capita, block or membership/subscription basis.

YOUR Corporate Recovery & Wellbeing Hub

Your employees will get immediate seamless access to recovery resources and support

All of our programmes are ready to be implemented in-house or online.

Your company can add a unique and curative product to your health and wellbeing line-up and watch as mental health related absenteeism decreases, staff morale increases and over all productivity is maximised.

We can create a bespoke, co-branded wellbeing portal for your organisation within 48 hours.

Healthcare Formatted Recovery

We can provide online access, workshop, physical resource packs or residential recovery programmes.

Access can be through medical or psychological referral, through retail sales (e.g. pharmacies), through insurance companies... in fact through any healthcare conduit.

Clients - What is recovery?

Recovery is complete removal of all of the physical and mental manifestations of a condition, including permanent removal of the cause of the condition. (NOT the catalyst but the predisposition to suffering).

Our clients recover IF they DO as instructed. `Compliance is king, but unlike other interventions, because the science of recovery is defined by human evolution, anxiety recovery is as simple and definite as eating to 'cure' hunger.
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In 1997, created the first online, email and phone counselling service in the world and created the first anxiety recovery therapy in the world. Our mission is simple - To rid the world of all conditions of the emotions.
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