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Over 90% of all mental health conditions experienced at universities are fear disorders.

Simple Fast Recovery Guidance and MH Training for Students and Staff in Universities

90% of all conditions within mental health will not respond
to psychological or medical interventions

Since 1996 - Unmatched Curative Outcomes. NHS Trials - 100% Recovery Efficacy

One in 12 UK teenagers self-harms – more than anywhere else in Europe. Depression is a reality for one in 10. Between 2010 and 2014, the number of girls aged between 10 and 14 admitted to hospital in England for self-harm increased by 93%.

While familial relationships remain the greatest source of anxiety for young people, the increase in stress related to exams has been huge. Last year, the NSPCC reported a 200% increase in approaches to Childline-related worries at school.

The Real Science of Anxiety Disorder Recovery

A vital mistake made by many educational organizations costs millions of vulnerable, innocent people their right to recovery, precious time and opportunities.

90% of mental health conditions are not mental health related.

Anxiety, Panic Disorder, Phobias, OCD, PTSD, self-harming, low-mood, eating disorders, emetophobia, health anxiety, agoraphobia, monophobia, depersonalisation/derealisation

Organizations are sold meditation, therapies, coaching and other programs in the ever increasing need for a solution to the escalating mental health issues within their student and staff bodies.

It is easy to get lost in the maze of solutions and salesmanship.

Our professionals will prove to you that 90% plus of all mental health issues are not mental health at all and will provide your organization with a bespoke, day-one-access recovery solution that starts working immediately with dramatic and life-long curative outcomes.

We will also provide in-house science, awareness and signposting training for your entire team and can even provide training for an existing team member as a Recovery Practitioner.

Why Therapies and Medications Fail.

Many, so called, evidence based treatments fail to provide relief. This is entirely due to the fact that the disorders are not mental illness - treating them as such can only lead to a perpetuation or worsening of the conditions, rather like treating physical unfitness with 'counselling' and medication. Relaxation, sedation, hypnosis, talking therapy etc. are the very worst processes for a person suffering with inappropriate emotional responses.

Fear disorder can only be successfully treated through structured educational recovery coaching and support.

The reason psychological and medical interventions fail is simple; neither address the neurology responsible for their activation, perpetuation and removal.

Psycho-education utilises the neurology responsible for activating anxiety conditions.

15 Year Old Hollie on Her Recovery

Hollie and her mum talk about how our program changed her life after years of fruitless hospitalisation, medication and psychological intervention.


Psychosis, brain injury, clinical depression and degenerative disorders are the 4 categories of illness that truly belong in mental health... anxiety, OCD, PTSD, agoraphobia, monophobia, DP/DR, eating disorders, emetophobia, health anxiety, self-harming, fear of dying/fainting etc... are NOT mental health issues.

They are NOT illness.

They are not psychological, medical or psychiatric in nature.

Anxiety is not an emotion, it is a disorder (hence fear disorder, not anxiety disorder). Anxiety is never appropriate.

The 'mental health stigma' is created because the conditions are misunderstood, misdiagnosed and mistreated - the stigma is actually caused by pseudo-science and the practice of it... the monopoly of certain practices over all of the conditions that 'feel like they're happening in your head'.

If all sufferers were told the true science - If they were given a logical explanation of why they suffer, every symptom and the route to recovery... it makes complete sense, but more than that... it's positive, inspiring and exciting.

If your staff, pupils, students or recruits are suffering from any disorder of the emotions, they can recover fast using the mind and body's only evolution-dictated recovery process... no drugs, no 'therapy' - just common sense science applied simply.

We provide DAY ONE access to recovery resources and constant, solution focused anxiety recovery therapy to your students and staff.

Within 3 days we can give each and every student and staff member access to powerful, solution focused, recovery resources and support.

What we do provides immediate inspiration and a sense of real control over emotional responses. Our psychology team will provide the support required to quickly move clients towards fast and full recovery.

It's so simple...

Day one access to our online recovery and support web-app - mobile enabled to use wherever you are.
Seamless guidance from our MBACP and BPS Recovery Specialists.
Access to reassuring explanations of every symptom and thought.
First-aid panic, obsession, phobia and anxiety busting resources.
Guidance for relief from grief and loss.
Guidance to overcome agoraphobia.
Recovery from eating disorder and self-harming.
Recovery for emetophobia and health anxiety.
Insomnia busting resources.
Recorded and live recovery webinars.
Dozens of resources to answer all questions before they even arise.

Your university's own mobile enabled, responsive, recovery, training and wellbeing portal - all designed in your own 'look and feel'.

Your university's own mobile enabled recovery portal

Activated within 3 days, your university recovery and support portal can be accessed remotely by your students and staff.

Everything they will need to find full and permanent recovery from any disorder of the emotions.

The portal includes mental health awareness, science and signposting training for your team.

15 Year Old Kyle on His Recovery

Kyle and Charles appeared on a program called Gok's Teens in which Charles was challenged to cure Kyle's anxiety condition. Which he did. Kyle and his mum tell their story.


17 Year Old Marshall on His Recovery


Guided Recovery From Conditions of The Emotions

Our app-based, mobile-enabled recovery, support and wellbeing portal provides direct, immediate access to recovery guidance, tools and support, from any lovation at any time.


Unique Recovery Events in Amazing Venues

Based in various locations, our residential recovery Retreats and one-day workshops are life-changing events with ongoing support and guidance.


Professional Level Accreditation

Our accredited Recovery Coaches receive a professional accreditation at NCFE level 4 in order to practice in any setting wherever they are in the world.


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