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Since 1997 - The world's first provider of remote mental health & wellbeing practice, workshops and residential programs


Just 'existing' isn't an option. Life is for living and without a thorough and context-focused understanding of our own bodies, being our authentic 'self' is impossible.

Our programs create balance and wellbeing but also activate or reactivate a persons' full physical and intellectual potential. Erasing disorder is one step towards repurposing of systemic resources but also one step towards bringing your entire team to its full, effortless and life-changing potential.

Solutions for your organization’s access to stress management and anxiety recovery. 

Webinars, Workshops and Face-to-Face Coaching

Webinars, online / in-person workshops and face-to-face coaching train management and staff on the emotional response to stress, early warning signposts and rapid recovery from anxiety.

Bespoke, Branded Recovery & Wellbeing App/Web-app/Portal

Access for all employees to mobile-enabled recovery portal, with coaching resources developed specifically for your organization, based on 23 years of mental health coaching experience. 

Improved Wellbeing and Performance

Organization-wide awareness and understanding on mental health, with improved wellbeing and performance both in and out of the workplace.

Other Services

Guided Recovery From Conditions of The Emotions

Our app-based, mobile-enabled recovery, support and wellbeing portal provides direct, immediate access to recovery guidance, tools and support, from any lovation at any time.


Unique Recovery Events in Amazing Venues

Based in various locations, our residential recovery Retreats and one-day workshops are life-changing events with ongoing support and guidance.


Professional Level Accreditation

Our accredited Recovery Coaches receive a professional accreditation at NCFE level 4 in order to practice in any setting wherever they are in the world.


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