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Two decades experience working with professional sports-people to remove mental health issues and maximise their potential


Organisation-wide Mental Health Training, Prevention, Recovery & Wellbeing



SOLIS FOR SPORT... the scientific solution for fast creation of physical and emotional health and wellbeing in the sports industry.


SOLIS is about resetting emotional responses and the physical body to its genetic 'preset' and becoming the 'best version of you'. The authentic you.

Your sports-people, staff and team will regain or create physical and emotional balance, but they will also understand that they won't need 'fixes' in order to cope with life's ups and downs. Being in balance renders all other 'strategies' obsolete.

The immediate response is both physical and mental balance vital in all people, but especially to those who desperately need that emotional balance and peek physical capacity in the world of competitive sport.

I am so excited to show you this amazing, life-changing resource.

Since 1997, we have helped 1000's of professional sports-people to overcome emotional disorder and to maximise their physical and mental potential.


No one else provides this service or guidance. It is the most ignored aspect of wellbeing - and yet, it also the most influential.

Based on the simple sciences of psycho-education backed by 24 years practice experience, research and development and over 350,000 case studies, this portal provides everything needed to retain and regain physical and emotional balance, to realise full physical and mental potential, utilise every opportunity and feel healthier and more resilient than ever before. The true definition of wellbeing.

It also provides many wonderful resources and tools to help navigation of school, home and work lives more effectively - including a unique 'Science and Signposting' program for sports management.

If you follow this advice, you will soon see how simple it is to become the 'captain of your own ship' and to face all of life's challenges with calm, considered and appropriate responses. 

Since 1997 we have helped 1000's of people from all branches of sports and entertainment to get back on the field, court, stage or set when all else has failed them.

Contact us about recovery coaching and one-to-one services for individuals.

Charles Linden. Director LTE

Mental Health & Wellbeing For Everyone.

Being mentally and physically 'well' isn't something we must strive for, it is the birthright and preset for every living human.

At birth we are pre-programmed by genetics - we are what we are - nothing can change the fixed physiology and neurology dictated by the genetic information received from our parents - However... there are many aspects of who we are that we do have control over.

We can decide what we learn, how we interact with the world, how we present ourselves to others.

We have control over many aspects of our physical and mental faculties.

It is when we lose systemic balance that disorder forms - Disorder can affect every aspect of our physical and mental wellness and also our ability to function, learn, heal and achieve at our full capacity.

Our portal will show you how every person on earth can regain physical and emotional balance, wellbeing and focus.

What will this do for you?

It will ensure that you are:

  • Physically well and have sufficient energy levels, strength and stamina.
  • Mentally capable of utilising the full capacity of your intellectual resources.
  • Physically and mentally capable of dealing with any of the 'stress' or difficult experiences life can throw at us. True resilience.
  • Achieving equal amounts of physical and mental tiredness in order to achieve full and effective sleep.
  • Maximising your physical potential in order to deal with, enjoy and perform at your peak in sports or other physical activities.
  • Releasing and repurposing your intellectual resources so that they aren't working in 'disorder' and emotional imbalance. This will release your ability to focus on your work at a massively higher level. The SUPER-HUMAN you!
  • Equipped to deal with other conditions and illnesses with maximised resilience and both physical and emotional strength.
  • Able to make balanced decisions based on authentic emotional responses and not inappropriate fears.
  • Able to handle stressful events or tasks calm and focused.

Our SOLIS program has been developed and tested by educators, psychologists and other professionals to be quickly effective, enjoyable to use and very productive.

Our Online and App, Recovery & Wellbeing Portal with Unlimited Professional Guidance and Support

Simply login to access all of the resources from any device. The portal is accessible from anywhere in the world and optimised for fast video and audio streaming.

A bespoke login and account will be created for every user so that they can access it at all times whether at work, school or university.

Mental Health & Wellbeing For Everyone.

Being mentally and physically 'well' isn't something we must strive for, it is the birthright and preset for every living human.

What does SOLIS include?

We have developed evidence based solutions for every aspect of human mental wellbeing and physical balance.

  • The TLM Program for recovery from disordered emotions
  • Simple, powerful explanations of the science of emotional control
  • Phone and email support from qualified wellbeing specialists
  • Recovery tools for panic attacks, phobias and obsessive thoughts
  • Instruction to overcome stress and anxiety conditions
  • Programs to overcome eating disorders and health anxiety
  • Management training in the science, prevention and signposting
  • Coaching to create physical and mental balance
  • Powerful audios for insomnia and stress
  • Dozens of life-enhancing life-coaching videos
  • Audios for confidence and empowerment
  • Tools to overcome grief and loss
  • Inspirational videos and audios
  • Unmatched support from accredited specialists
  • Bespoke residential recovery events
  • Recovery workshops
  • Recovery practitioner accreditation

...and so much more.

We can also provide 1-2-1 recovery service for individuals.
Contact Beth via the 1-2-1 section of the CONTACT PAGE

We had run out of options...

Nothing had worked and our player was destined to return home.


The team took day one control, knowing exactly what to say and do to create fast and full recovery. Our player had confined himself to a hotel room and would only speak to his parents who were flown in to try to negotiate with him. He was having numerous panic attacks and had developed a phobia. This placed the club and the team in a highly difficult situation. It was a serious and difficult difficult situation. Our player was a highly valued member of the team and he was unable to play. Within 2 days he was back at training and within a week, back at work. We are eternally grateful to the team who are highly professional, discrete and monumentally different to all other aveneues we had tried. Thank you for the phenominal work you did after all else had failed. Name withheld for legal reasons.

Guarantee - to ALL Clients

How can we guarantee our services' efficacy?
The truth is, it's not OUR guarantee, it's evolution's.


The science of emotional balance and physical and mental wellbeing is hard-wired into genetics and without exception, since 1997, we have provided 100% evidence of recovery using our unique, focused psycho-educational programs and events.

Of course, we can't guarantee that a client will watch the instruction, but not doing so is ignoring and rejecting true mental balance and physical wellbeing.

Who needs this program?

Any player wishing to understand how to utilise the science of their body and mind in order to maximise their working potential and to prevent physical or mental injury or disorder NEEDS this resource.

Any player experiencing any form of emotional disorder including anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, obsessions, compulsions or low mood NEEDS this program.

Anyone who wishes to reset their physiology and psychology NEEDS this program.

The foundation for effective human existence is within each of us, but often neglected, ignored or indeed unknown... we bring simplicity to complex science... instruction that cannot fail to bring about true transformation inside every client, their home and work environment.

Releasing maximised human potential and repurposing systemic resources away from disorder is simple when you know how. We know how.

Charles Linden
Director - Linden Tree Education

It was such a relief...

It was such a relief when Charles stepped in.


The referral came from a trusted partner who had known the team at LTE for over 15 years. Charles has worked with many of our players since, but the success that he and the team has is second to none. One of our players had developed OCD and panic disorder, his game was heavily compromised as was his personal life. He was heavily medicated and having theraoy and hypnosis for weeks and was slowly getting worse. It posed a threat to the team, but also to the club. Charles provided the right services at the right time and the effect was immediate. I cannot praise the team enough for the relief they bring. Football needs this. All people need this. Thank you again Charles. DL

Unmatched Provision - Unmatched Results

Providing what every person experiencing emotional imbalance NEEDS... day one access to evidence based, simple and supportive recovery guidance.


Identifying suffering is vital, but knowing what to do to produce relief and recovery is an entirely different matter.

Uniquely, since 1997 we have provided millions of people with evidence based recovery resources and services which fulfil all four vital pillars of recovery success - Early recognition - Education - Structure - Seamless Support/Guidance.

Why are WE different?

  • The only organisation to be able to offer services that can pre-determine the predisposition to suffering before even the sufferer knows that they are predisposed and vulnerable.
  • The only (24 year old and first ever) day-one provider of online, responsive, recovery focused guidance, resources and support.
  • The only provider of psycho-educational recovery with NHS tested recovery efficacy 900% plus above the next best.
  • Unlimited, professional support and guidance by qualified mental health professionals.
  • Online, Workshop, Residential and in-house recovery training.
  • Accreditation of Recovery Practitioners for your workplace through the NCFE.
  • Confidential stress and anxiety recovery coaching using evidence based psycho-education founded on the science of evolution, human biology and over 350,000 case studies.

Management Mental Health Training Certificate

Our 12-part video training program leads appropriate management team members through a structured program of learning which will equip them in a number of vital ways:

  • The science of emotional response
  • The science of physical and mental balance
  • Identification of predisposition
  • Identification of suffering
  • The use of appropriate language
  • Signposting

The program is included in individual memberships selected by the client company.

Completion of the course provides learners with an LTE Certificate.

What if you already have in-house provisions?

If you have existing provision for wellbeing within your organisation, SOLIS will sit, seamlessly, alongside them.


Unique provision... unique outcomes

We stand alone in a world flooded with resources which 'pay lip service' to legal necessity and expectations, but few, if any, of these provide tangible results and long-term benefits.

What we provide is so different in so many ways. The first and most vital difference is that it works. Unlike many provisions within mental health, our team have a 24 year history and reputation for delivering fast and life-long recovery. Secondly, we were the first provider of online psychology and psycho-education and our materials and online portal are second to none.

If you want to provide your staff or players with a solution that delivers real efficacy, transformation and relief and compels and inspires all of them; this is it.

Beth Linden. Programs Director


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