Residential Recovery Retreats & Day Workshops

Simple Fast Recovery and Wellbeing for Students, Staff and Educational Organisations

90% of all conditions within mental health will not respond
to psychological or medical interventions

Since 1996 - Unmatched Curative Outcomes. NHS Trials - 100% recovery efficacy

Residential four day programme to overcome anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, obsessions & depression

In four days you will be immersed in an engaging, fun and life-changing environment for recoveryWe are here to lead you to freedom from your anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, obsessions and low mood.

Please don't 'settle' for coping or managing when real recovery is so simple.

Beth Linden - Retreats Director

The ultimate anxiety disorder recovery experience
People travel from around the world to our Retreats and it is often visited by famous people looking for a place to overcome their anxiety disorders effectively, completely and discretely.

The Retreat doesn't place focus on the individual, can be attended alone or with family, is set in a 'home from home' venue and is hosted and run by a team of ex anxiety sufferers who are now psychologists and Anxiety Recovery Specialists with BACP memberships and LAR accreditation. They are there for you... day or night, they will make sure that you are happy, comfortable and maximising your experience.

Our Retreats are unique in so many ways as well as being focused on real recovery and they really are very enjoyable.

After clients leave they continue to receive email and telephone support to help them to complete their recovery journey. The Retreat venue is The Elms Retreat & Spa in Worcestershire.

Call Beth Linden on +44(0)1562 702723 
[email protected]

Recent questions asked in client feedback submissions:

"Why didn't I come here sooner?"
"Why don't the NHS offer your solution?"
"The money spent on other therapies would pay for 1000's of retreats like yours."
"I waited and procrastinated for 4 years before booking. I wish I hadn't."
"I can't believe I feel so much better in under 4 days."
"Why are we told that anxiety can't be cured?"
"Why was I told repeatedly that I had anxiety with depression? It's nonsense."
"Why isn't this science explained elsewhere?"
"Why have medicine and psychology got it wrong?"
"I never thought I could feel like this again?"

Guided Recovery From Conditions of The Emotions

Our app-based, mobile-enabled recovery, support and wellbeing portal provides direct, immediate access to recovery guidance, tools and support, from any lovation at any time.


Unique Recovery Events in Amazing Venues

Based in various locations, our residential recovery Retreats and one-day workshops are life-changing events with ongoing support and guidance.


Professional Level Accreditation

Our accredited Recovery Coaches receive a professional accreditation at NCFE level 4 in order to practice in any setting wherever they are in the world.


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